Engineering Services

Property Condition Assessments

Engineering evaluations of all major building systems and site improvements to assess their general physical condition, repair and maintenance issues, recommended replacements, and capital expendatures.  A Property Condition Assessment typically includes the following: 
  • Site Reconnaissance - a physical inspection of the property to assess the general physical condition of the all major building systems.  
  • Individual Interviews - interviews with individuals familiar with the site provide information regarding condition, maintenance, and history of capital improvements.   
  • Public Records Searches- review public records including county assessors records, building department files, FEMA flood maps, etc. 
  • Physical Needs - develop an expected capital improvement and replacement reserve budget based on thorough physical evaluation and interviews with maintenance staff.
  • Report - comprehensive documentation of acquired information, sources, conclusions and recommendations based on ASTM E2018-2001 standard for Property Condition Assessments.  
  • Client Meeting - a face-to-face meeting to discuss and clarify key project findings and recommendations.

Other Engineering Services

  • Failure Investigations/Repair Design
  • Construction Monitoring/Project Management
  • ADA Compliance
  • Expert Witness Testimony